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Hi, Norma here,
My intention is to inspire people to conquer their obstacles, and to achieve anything they have a burning desire for to leave a positive impact.

During these talks, I take the very same principles that have helped me transform my life from the start, and transfer it to you for your benefit.
These talks will awaken your mind, help you beat your illusions of limitation, and are suitable for any age group.

I’d like to share with you, the possibility of experiencing one of my motivational talks that I deliver in the following two areas; Social Entrepreneurism, and Women and Giving Back.






Contact Norma to request her to keynote on one of the following topics:



Social Entrepreneurism
Your audience will walk away with an understanding of the 3 essentials of social entrepreneurism and building brand loyalty by giving back. Incorporating social entrepreneurism into businesses today whether you are just starting ....Read More
Women and Giving Back
In third world countries where a village is in need of resources (e.g. Food, Water and Shelter), it has been known that channelling money to women in the community, results in a greater societal impact than when money is given to men.This ...Read More
Speaking Credentials
I’ve spoken in front of many audiences from a range of topics. From inspirational keynote talks, business, fundraising, entrepreneurism and the like, I’ve delivered these talks to organisations and groups such as:...Read More