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I support the Indigenous people anywhere in the Planet

Edward James Olmos

I chose to support this charity because as a child, I was anaemic myself and I understand how it can put challenges on your lifestyle and health.

The Indigenous Childhood Anaemia program is a community nutrition program involving the fortification of micronutrients to support remote indigenous communities across Northern Australia, in a supplement product called “The Sprinkles”.

The program objective is to address the serious issue of early childhood anaemia by providing an easy to use dietary supplement (“The Sprinkles”) that will significantly improve the health outcomes of Indigenous children (aged between 6 and 24 months).

Whilst the program achieved some key successes in 2012, significant challenges are being faced in the areas of: Logistics (transport and distribution), and Research Expertise. Continued funding to overcome these challenges, will be a significant part in determining the feasibility and acceptability of the program for the coming years.

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