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I was involved with Barnardos Children when I was working as a nurse earlier in life. Like KidsOfOz, Barnardos Children shares a similar vision to provide for disadvantaged Children in Australia:

All children and young people will have caring families, in which they can grow safely and fulfil their potential. Families and young people will be valued and supported by quality services and engaged communities

Barnardos Children Vision Statement

Barnardos provides children with a large range of services to allow them to fulfil their potential in today’s modern world. Such services range from child care and safety, counselling, disability, family support, homelessness and nutrition.
Their primary focus is on building community by restoring a child to their parents and permanent foster care and adoption. They do this by providing the right parent education and the least intrusive supporting services so as to not move children further away from their family’s care than necessary.

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